William ReddickOpened to the public on September 19, 1888, the library was a gift to the city by William Reddick. Reddick came to the United States from Ireland in 1816, finally settling in the Ottawa area in 1835. Reddick entered politics and became quite prominent, representing LaSalle County in the state senate from 1847-1851 and again in 1870-1873.

In 1860, he built one of the most impressive Italianate residences in the state. Upon his death in 1885, he willed his fine home to the City of Ottawa, together with a substantial endowment, for use as a public library and reading room "... to be known and called by the name of Reddick's Library."

The library offered its services from the mansion until February 17,1975, when a new facility was built to accommodate the library's growing collections and patronage.

Through a November 2006 referendum, Reddick Library's service area was expanded to include most of the Ottawa Township High School taxing district. Click on the attachment below to view the district map.

Reddick Library offers a broad selection of materials in a variety of formats and an ever-growing array of traditional and non-traditional programs and services for patrons of all ages. With the ongoing support of the public it serves, it seems that William Reddick's wish to have a library that shall "... ever be open to the public" has indeed found expression.

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