Do you have computers for the public?
Reddick Library has computers with internet access available for patrons of all ages. 

What do you charge to use the computer?
Reddick Library cardholders may use a computer free of charge for up to 3 hours/day provided that the card is in good standing (up-to-date and with less than $5.00 in fines). Patrons without a Reddick Library card must show a valid photo ID to purchase a computer guest pass for $1.00 per hour up to 3 hours/day.

The library also offers two Express Computers. Teens (14+ with parental/guardian permission) and adults may use an Express Computer once a day for up to 15 minutes. There is no charge, and no sign up or photo ID is required.

Can my child use a computer?
Patrons under the age of 18 may use an Internet-ready computer if an Internet Permission form has been signed in person by a parent/legal guardian.

Two game computers are also available for very young children (kindergarten age and younger). These computers do not allow access to the internet, and no sign up or login is required.

Everyone who uses a library computer must follow the library's policy regarding computer and Internet use.